Wednesday, 5 December 2012

relationship between microprocessor, motherboard and personal computer??

can anyone tell me the exact relationship between microprocessor, motherboard and personal computer?


  1. The central processing unit (CPU) is plugged into the motherboard. Everything else in the computer is directly or indirectly plugged into the motherboard. There are expansion boards, for instance, which have all kinds of processors on them, but they are plugged into the motherboard meaning it is the base board that everything ultimately connects to, like the foundation of a house.
    This creates a connection from everything to the CPU. This is necessary because the CPU, like the motherboard, is central to the control of the computer as a whole. It ultimately controls the lowest level functions of the operating system and actually controls most things that happen in a computer. Actually, more than saying control, it is most of the work of the computer. It does the numeric operations that are what a computer, for the most part, does.
    CPU = brains, motherboard = connections to the periphery